Paper Submission

The authors are invited to submit a full paper/abstract of their contribution, following the instructions on the on-line Paper Submission system. Before submitting your paper/abstract, you are expected to read the guidelines carefully listed in this announcement and displayed on the first page of the submission system.

One author information per paper/abstract must be completed at the ICSIA 2023 website when uploading the paper or abstract.

ICSIA 2023 consists of several Parallel Sessions with different topics. A paper/abstract can only be submitted to a single Session. Please do not upload the same paper/abstract to more than one Sessions. The deadline for submission of papers/abstracts is September 7th 2023.

Each paper/abstract will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee of the conference. Exceptionally, the Chairman of Parallel Session reserves the right to redirect a paper which does not fit with the Parallel Session selected by its authors towards the most appropriate Parallel Session.

Authors will be notified of their submission status within 30 days after submitting their paper/abstract. If you do not receive any notification or encounter other problems, please contact Organizing Committee by e-mail:

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